A Hazara decapitated by Taliban in Ghazni

A Hazara man named Naurooz has been beheaded by the Taliban in Sai Ganj area of Ghazni. He was from Nahoor District of Ghazni who was on his way for business trip to Ghazni city.

This is not the first incident in this year. About a month ago, 10 Hazaras from Jaghori District of Ghazni were beheaded by the Taliban. They were mostly students on their way to home for summer vacation from Kabul. The Taliban kidnapped them in Muqur area and checked their student ID cards, confirming to be members of ethnic Hazara, they were all slaughtered.

There are reports from Nahoor District, mainly inhabited by the Hazaras, but the Taliban are strengthening their influence in the area. For the last several weeks, a large number of Taliban are being seen patrolling the area at night, who are now collecting tax from locals and passing-by vehicles. Some reliable sources claim that the Oluswal (District Chief) has established contacts with the Taliban. Worringly, the Taliban insurgents are offering handsome amounst of money to the youths to join their forces. The package being attractive enough for unemployed youths, it is feared that they may consider joinging them or pick up arms at their behest for monetary gains. Due to the Taliban’s activism in the area who are, primarily, against school going children, especially girls, it is feared that they will interfere with local schools and use all means to shut down the education sector. Previously, people were, covertly, joining the Taliban for want of money now they are publicly proclaiming to be affiliated with the Taliban and the number of locals joining the Taliban insurgent has raised to 100.

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