Ghormach, serious threat in northern Afghanistan

Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi, 2010-11-21 13:30

Considering security concerns in the northern parts of the country, the Ghormach district is a big security threat in the northern zone of Afghanistan particularly Faryab province.

Ghormach and Qaysar are two Faryab districts in which according to the provincial authorities, more than 40 percent of them are controlled by the government armed oppositions.

Faryab Governor, Abdul Shafaq told reporters that security would be threatened in both Farayab and the adjacent provinces if the insecurity was not prevented in these districts.

But expressing pleasure over reconstruction and development in the province, he says up to $1140 million have been spent in different fields such as building healthcare centers and rural development helping about 12,000 youths to find work in the province.

According to him, 257km of ring roads had been asphalted, 1,900 km roads graveled, about 130 schools and 138 other buildings have been constructed in the province so far.

He further said more than 95 km distance have been extended water-supply pipeline to supply potable water to four districts of the province which the resident were earlier seriously facing lack of potable water in these districts.

Reporting security improvement in the province as better, the governor added, “The security has improved in the province after the parliamentary election process as there were some individuals fueling insecurity during the election but we need additional forces to take further security in the province”.

Faryab is one the northern province of Afghanistan in which more than one million people lives and the security situation and construction process are satisfactory.

But the people of the province are said to be mostly complaining lack of potable water.

Wakht News Agency

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