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Afghan Election: Conflict between Democracy and Terrorism in Ghazni

By Kamran Mir Hazar The Afghanistan Election Commission announced final results for 33 of Afghanistan’s provinces plus the results of 10 special seats for Kuchi Pashtuns in the lower house. However, in a blatant swipe at democracy, the final tally from the province of Ghazni is still pending and the election commission has said that […]

Afghanistan and the Parliamentary Crises

From: The Desk of Fahim Khairy Date: November 27, 2010 Afghanistan is going through a second round of parliamentary elections in the past almost 10 years of a democratic regime following the Taliban removal. The first election was bad and the second is ugly and a bit of a civil war sign. President Karzai rejected […]

Ghazni’s Re-Election and the high-handedness of the IEC and Hamid Karzai

Liaquat Ali Hazara, Nov 25, 2010 The much awaited result of the recent parliamentary elections has been announced by the Independent Election Commission amid fears of deteriorating law and order and clashes between the Hazaras and the Pashtun. The parliamentary election was held on 18th September, 2010 which churned out mass protests and demonstrations in […]

2010 Elections: What if the Hazaras win in Uruzgan?

Martine van Bijlert, 02-10-2010: Afghanistan’s parliamentary election, as is by now well-known, is seriously pulled out of balance by fraud, insecurity and an unusual variation of the Single Non-Transferable Vote (SNTV), an electoral system that is prone to erratic outcomes. This has been played out rather illustratively in Uruzgan, where a small and secure corner […]


Liaquat Ali Hazara, September 26, 2010: The Parliamentary Election of 18th September, 2010 in Afghanistan was thought to be a harbinger of positive socio-political change in Afghanistan’s multi-ethnic scenario as various concerned quarters, NGOs, CBOs, international donors and aid agencies were gleefully making huge preparations to mobilize the masses to vote amid repetitive life threats […]

Afghanistan’s elections: progress and stagnation

Nushin Arbabzadah, 25 September 2010: Last week’s parliamentary elections in Afghanistan revealed a society in transition, displaying signs of genuine democratic progress as well its opposite: persistent sociopolitical stagnation. But progress and backlash against it have traditionally co-existed in Afghanistan, so the elections represent continuity rather than change. With an electorate that is largely illiterate, […]

This is a Hazara area and they do not want there to be a lot of Hazara MPs

Angry Afghans struggle to vote Chris Sands, Foreign Correspondent KABUL // Angry scenes marred the end of Afghanistan’s election for the 249 seats in the lower house of parliament yesterday as members of the country’s Hazara ethnic minority in west Kabul claimed they had been deliberately denied the chance to vote. “I blame the election […]

Thousands of Hazaras in Afghanistan remained deprived to vote due to discriminatory attitude of Afghan Government and authorities of Election Commission

Photo: BBC

In Malistan and Jaghori Districts, people have demonstrated. The protesters have gathered at the town centers of the districts who are chanting slogans against Karzai and his corrupt government. They are claiming that, in spite of knowing about the number of voters in these districts, the Afghan Government and Election Commission deliberately conveyed less ballot […]

All poll sites in Yakawlang, Bamyan Center, Panjao and Waras running out of ballot papers, 1000s could be deprived of vote

Bamiyan, 18th September 2010: Currently people are angry on insufficient number of ballot papers. Some serious irregularities have taken place in Bamyan like there are 10,000 voters in mostly Tajik populated district of Saighan and Independent Election Commission sent 20,000 ballot papers. Tajik dominated Kahmard District of Bamyan got 6,000 more ballot papers than actual […]

Afghan minority leader says government blocking his voters

Supporters of Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, an ethnic Hazara member of Parliament/ Reuters Pictures

Hazara People note: We respect all people, but Hazara people are not Afghan. Afghan or Pashtun is another ethnic group in Afghanistan. By Hamid Shalizi JABAR KHAN, Afghanistan JABAR KHAN, Afghanistan (Reuters) – The Afghan government has deliberately shut polling stations under a pretext of insecurity in relatively safe areas where the Hazara ethnic group […]

An open letter from the Hazara people around the world to international human rights organizations, international authorities and well-known personalities

An open letter from the Hazara people around the world to international human rights organizations, international authorities and well-known personalities
Report on the Case of Conflict between Kochies and the Local People (Hazara) In Behsood (Hessa-e-Awal, Hessa-e-Dowm) and Diamirdad districts of Maidan Wardak province
Massacres of Hazaras in Afghanistan

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An open letter from the Hazara people around the world to international human rights organizations, international authorities and well-known personalities

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